Rev. Geoff Grubbs





Rev. Geoffrey Grubbs is an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and has served appointments in North Georgia for the last twenty plus years. Geoff came to us in June of 2016 after serving as the Senior Associate at Northside UMC in Atlanta, Ga. His other pastoral appointments have been a mix of both senior pastor roles and as part of ministry teams. Prior to coming to the church he served as a firefighter/paramedic and is a veteran of the United States Navy.
Geoff and his wife, Tina, have been married for 24 years and have three daughters. Their oldest, Nathalie Bri, lives just south of Atlanta. His middle daughter, Victoria Elise, is a ministry intern at the University of Ga. where she is a recent graduate. His youngest daughter, Amelia Ashlyn, is a high school sophomore.
In his own words, “the church is a sanctuary or safe place where people should be able to come to learn about and form a relationship with God without fear of judgment and with an expectation of being invited, welcomed and encouraged.” Geoff believes the core of any church starts in worship and works itself out in discipleship from the earliest age to the very last day of our time on earth.




 “Come join us here at St. Paul. You are invited, welcomed and encouraged to be a part of our fellowship.”