Honduras Mission 2019








A mission team from St Paul UMC Gainesville made up of David Martin, Judy Wright, and Donald Wright went to Honduras with teams from Mt Park UMC Stone Mountain, and Zoar UMC Centerville.






We were in the village of San Carlos to help and love the people of the village. Our primary purpose was to refurbish the school in the village, but we also poured concrete floors (roughly 6500 pounds) in two houses plus part of the school. We repainted the school, a storage building, the latrines and wash area, plus a small building the teacher cooks in for several of the students who have little to eat at home. We also replaced windows (metal grates and screen wire, there are no glass windows), roofs and added awnings to keep the rain out.







VBS was done each day for the kids in the San Carlos and several other villages in the area, 36 kids plus mamas and additional babies. Four women in the village asked us to pray with them, We presented the family with Bibles (given by St. Paul).  The kids were the most outward loving of any village we have every served. St Paul provided a fiesta with crackers, tang, and a piñata. The kids breaking the piñata was awesome.  The village provided a music and dance program for us.



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