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National Missions:   Our congregation is also committed to performing “on hands” help each year. Mission teams, usually involving 10-15 volunteers, have traveled to disaster sites to repair homes where help was needed.  The most recent teams include:

 Mississippi:  Biloxi and Ocean Springs for storm repair.

Georgia:  Americus for storm repair.

Kentucky: RedBird Missionary Conference, Frakes , Kentucky:  Room addition for a needy family.

North Carolina:  Storm repair in Swan Quarter, Hyde County, N.C.

South Carolina: Repair storm damaged homes in North Charleston, S.C.


In addition, the St Paul Youth have gone on numerous mission trips throughout the Southeast.


International Missions: In recent years, a Mission Team has been working in Honduras to help remotely located families to build adequate sanitation facilities and improve housing construction. 




These annual events also include some teaching and fellowship emphasis. 

The stateside  work is usually coordinated with UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief.  The Honduras team coordinates mission activities through HOI.org.  Both HOI and UMCOR work to address issues of health, sanitation, poverty, sustainable agriculture, nutrition, and food security.

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St. Paul’s spirit and culture encourages personal spiritual growth, building up the body of believers, with our central tenet being the call to reach out in love to others on behalf of the Savior who reached out in love to us.

Visit with us and see for yourself how we live out our call to love Christ, serve others and reach the world.